Todo: a running list

Just for the blog and other stuff.

– Add a webform contact page.
– Upgrade to WordPress 1.3 and related Kubrick (please Michael?!) theme…

Blog Work

Michael is doing some ambitious work on his blog. He’s looking at integrating his photos and his gallery (basically his portfolio). iPAP was brought up as an alternative for the photos – I second the recommendation. For a simple CMS, I might look at Mambo. It can handle quite a lot, but I think it can be set up pretty lightweight.

MY experience is certainly with the more “industrial” CMS apps (Interwoven, Vignette, Stellent, Percussion, among others) and similar third party software (Plumtree Portal, etc.), however, I’m always wishing we were dealing with a more flexible, nimble piece of software.

Steaks: The Ribeye

Erik asks about steak. This is an easy one. The Ribeye. Flavorful, marbled, a great cut. I like it done simply, I like it with strong sauces or marinades. It usually has enough character to stand on its own – even with something like a Blackened Cajun treatment, the meat itself comes from.

This leads into another question, and the answer is: Ray’s the Steaks, in Arlington. My favorite steakhouse due to its simplicity and focus on the food. He uses a fairly lean Hereford, and butchers on site. Just excellent.