Doom III

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade?

Crazy gaming madness. As Quake III was the core engine for many follow-on games, so should be Doom III. [H]ard|OCP has a hardware review about what supports what – low-end stuff does surprisingly well:

id Software’s DOOM 3 is poised to be one of the most played titles in the history of 3D gaming. Anticipation has grown to monumental levels as hundreds of thousands of people worldwide wait to experience the phenomenon called DOOM 3. Along with the anticipation, many are experiencing apprehension over the level of gameplay they expect from their current hardware. Still others, using this occasion to mull over an upgrade, have been waiting to discover which of their many hardware choices will provide them with the best DOOM 3 experience.

Health Check

Always a little funny when you get a glimpse at your vitals. My company employs several nurses as full-time staff, and regularly runs things like “Get-Fit” programs. So they came by the office to measure blood pressure, etc. for everybody who was taking part.

When they were done, they offered to measure the blood pressure of anyone else in the office who might want it – “Oh sure,” we said. Not too bad – 110/65.

As I said to Bill, my standard routine is paying off. Hah. It would best be described as “everything in moderation”.

Todo: a running list

Just for the blog and other stuff.

– Add a webform contact page.
– Upgrade to WordPress 1.3 and related Kubrick (please Michael?!) theme…