RNC Craziness

So with all this security buildup around NYC for the RNC, they are starting to do lots of searches, etc…

This guy got searched boarding a ferry and told that his BOOK (a role-playing – a la D&D – sourcebook) had to be confiscated.

We live in a f’ed up world.


Basecamp – Project Management, Project Tracking Tool, Online, Web-based Hosted, Idea Management, Client Extranet, Project Site System, ASP (simple, elegant, powerful, fast, and usable)


Rox – a file manager and filer – true drag and drop, no start menus or wizards…

When I Grow Up…

I don’t remember where I found this, but it does capture the feeling I always have looking at any survey with demographic information. Unless it’s for a trade magazine, they never have what I really do.
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