You Work Where?

So I switched projects at work - and I ended up working on an Air Force project at the Pentagon. Probably not what my parents expected, and I'm sure not what my high school teachers (at the Quaker K-12 school I attended) would have guessed. Lots of security clearance/classified stuff, pass swiping, a significant amount of money (like everyone in my entire area is sitting in an Aeron Chair), and boatloads of acronyms... technically, for example, I'm doing work for AF/CVAC, in the CRC, which is next to the CAT, all inside the RSAC. Anyways, I just read this NPR article: A (Nearly) All-Access Pentagon Pass, which captures some of the feel of the place, including Rumsfeld telling a "joke": "You know why a yuppie can't say the Pledge of Allegiance?" I won't spoil the punchline for ya.