Sweet, but not yet for me

OK, so aside from all the software stuff announced in the Macworld Keynote (yeah, I'll probably get iLife and iWork '06), the big news was the anticipated Intel Macs. They sound awesome, just not what I need right now. The laptop (and who came up with "MacBook"? PowerBook was such a good brand - I hope it wasn't Intel insisting on some demarcation...) looks great, but not at $2K plus for us right now. I might have bit on a new iBook.

And again, sure, the iMac looks nice - but I'm happy with my Dell widescreen monitors. I basically have committed to the Mac mini path of upgrades. Well, I guess I could wait for 10.5 to come out (hopefully the mini will be revved by then) and get a new mini with 10.5 - the two birds/one stone approach. And what I was really hoping for, the whole Media Center-killer Mac mini PVR - no hints on that front.

OK, looking at things objectively, there are so many variables out there that would be an issue (cable vs. satellite, cable card 2.0, digital vs. analog, DRM and the studios, channel owners...), and Apple always tries to bring out a product without those questions. But with all the strides they were making lately on the video front - I guess I was just hoping they had made deals that could get it to happen. We'll see, I still think this year will have a lot of change on this front.