Stuff of Late

OK, so a bit too much time without updating.

Erin and Cooper had birthdays. Cooper is now 3 and had a big party at JW Tumbles which is like a kids gym. It was a hit, lots of his friends were there (pics are up on adventures) and everybody slept well that night.

Fletcher got tubes in his ears in late February, had some fluid draining out for a while, and then got rotavirus from school (non-stop spit-up and well, the other end). He seems better today - we think we're out of the woods, but quite the ordeal for the little guy.

Went ahead and got the new Intel based Mac Mini - pretty sweet. Quite fast, double the memory, seems to be working well. One of the issues is tracking down or verifying Intel or Universal versions of all the apps. They are coming out fast and furious, but not everything is all ship-shape yet. For instance, the exporter I used to send stuff from iPhoto to gallery seems hosed for now. ffmpegX is almost there, MacTheRipper is working on it, VLC seems good but still only by using a nightly build. Some stuff can use Rosetta, but a lot of things need to be recoded. Plus, you just want to use the full power of the new box.