mini reviews

So I've jotted down little mini one-line reviews of some movies we've seen. In the future, I'll just make those individual posts tagged "movie". For now, here's the ones I've done in the past:

  • I (heart) huckabees - quite odd, not sure where they thought they were going with this.
  • Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle - excellent, if absurd and stupid as this type of movie always is. A next gen Office Space + Dazed and Confused + Holy Grail/Quest movie.
  • Dodgeball - quite funny, a farce, great cameos (Chuck Norris, Lance Armstrong, etc.), quote- and meme-able (ESPN 8, "The Ocho"), good time
  • Garden State - great, fun, touching, quirky - gives Zach Braff a lot of credibility in Tinseltown