I Have a 2-Google-Click Commute

My own meme:

Go to Google Maps. Punch in your home address - it should take you to a view of your house at a neighborhood view - I think two levels higher than the lowest ("Street Level"). Can you, on the same map, see your work location? If you can, congratulations!, If not, how many clicks on the zoom out button do you need so that you can?

I work with a 9-click commuter (Buffalo NY to DC).

Special bonus points if you can zoom in any clicks - extra special bonus points if you can flip to satellite view and zoom all the way in - you probably work out of your house.

Where this falls down - north/south commuters get a different result distance than east/west, if your browser window is set up at all normally. Also, you probably need to be at 1024x768 to make it comparable for everybody - no fair you people with 30-inch Cinema displays!