About Me

(Note, this is a super old version of my about page...)

So who the heck am I...

The Skinny

I am currently a "Systems Architect" (an excellent could-be-anything title) working at SRA, a mid-size government contractor. I'm married to Erin, with a son, Cooper, and a dog, Max. We live in Arlington, VA, USA.

As of this writing, I'm 29 years old.


This site is hosted by the excellent TextDrive. It utilizes a CMS called WordPress and a variety of plug-ins. There is a forum built with PunBB, a wiki living in PmWiki, and a photo section that I'm still evaluating tools for. I have used Gallery, which should have a version 2 soon, but I also like iPAP.

This is a personal site. Meaning everything here is my own and shouldn't be taken as the views of anyone else.