Parents Who Blog

I now have two parents who blog – and based on their posts of late, a lot more frequently than I do. My father just started a blog journaling a favorite topic (obsession?) of his: model railroading.

My Dad showing me about building things, to my high school starting of so called “perfect track work” on an early train layout with my friend Joe Braun, to my college summer employment at a precision machine shop…

via Frog Angle.

And my mother has been blogging about all kinds of personal topics for a while – this entry is on spinning wool.

I like spinning in the grease so I tried it with this but it was a disaster—I thought the grease would help hold the short staples as I spun but no… it didn’t. I must admit I haven’t spun much for a number of years and have begun again. I find it meditative—cheaper than therapy.

via gardens.

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