Seth's Blog: Goodbye to the office

“If we were starting this whole office thing today, it’s inconceivable we’d pay the rent/time/commuting cost to get what we get. I think in ten years the TV show ‘the Office’ will be seen as a quaint antique.When you need to have a meeting, have a meeting. When you need to collaborate, collaborate. The rest of the time, do the work, wherever you like.”

via Seth’s Blog: Goodbye to the office.

One Reply to “Seth's Blog: Goodbye to the office”

  1. The answer to #7 is being explored. There are community offices popping up around DC. Basically, it’s an office environment, but each desk/space can be occupied by whoever wants to pay for that space. People end up collaborating with many different companies/entrepreneurs all the time. It will be interesting if one of those spaces figures out a way to provide good security so that government workers/contractors could do their jobs there safely and securely. I won’t say it’s impossible, but the security concerns are there.

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