Collaborative Tools Throughout the Process

Web applications built around the idea of helping a group, project, or company get work done and communicate in a more effective manner have been around for a number of years. These collaborative tools take many shapes, some built to add a layer of interaction to a common task that currently takes place, some bringing new ideas to bear on how to manage projects or treat interaction as a whole.

We are seeing a sea change in the both the pervasiveness of these applications and the breadth of applications and providers. This is resulting in broad, mainstream adoption, and out of necessity team members are clamoring for more use of these tools in day-to-day delivery of project items. This raises the issue of how best to integrate these types of tools into a process methodology.

In an upcoming series of posts, I will be taking a look at different tools that currently exist, various issues that are faced when embracing these new technologies, and how best to use them to extend and empower business processes.

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