More Home Network Overload

OK, so the new plan:

Cardhu the Mac mini as the web server, maybe running off an external firewire drive (probably the 160 GB) for size plus longevity (?).

Oban the 1 Ghz Athlon with FreeBSD 5.X as fileserver with 2 200 GB drives in software RAID-0 (gvinum).

Springbank the old fileserver goes away/becomes new testbed.

Knockando the 867 Mhz PB 12″ becomes dev/Mac testing/used more as a laptop.

New mac mini gets ordered when it would come with Tiger, used with the Dell FP2005W (need a name!).

Cosmo the Celeron 466 desktop becomes solely for Erin’s work and a 2nd browser.

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