Wiki Spam

Fucking A. WIKI SPAM???!! Spammers are the abhorrent scum of the earth. Some dickhead from a .ru domain puts all sorts of links in my personal wiki, in some cases even overwriting what was there. Luckily, (1) my wiki has a rollback function so I can go back to the previous version – though I need to see if I can kill it out of the rollback history… (2) the idiot made the change to the “home page” of the wiki, so I noticed it RIGHT away, and (3) my wiki has edit security (I’m sure not high strength, but whatever) so once I rolled back, I could at least lock down the whole thing so it shouldn’t happen again.

Maybe I’ll post the IP that made the changes…

2 Replies to “Wiki Spam”

  1. Speaking of scum…I found your blog via a comment you left on Textdrive’s bbs…which I found in turn via Googling about phpicalendar. The reason is offline is that some scumbag hacked the main developer’s server and took the whole thing down…and I’m guessing that he either hasn’t had a chance to do all of the security updates needed, or he realized his life was better without the time drain of supporting the software.

    Either way it’s a shame. I hope he comes back. In the meantime, the beta of version 2 is at sourceforge, and I use it a lot.

  2. Wow, that’s really a shame that he was driven to those lengths. I have set up the beta of version 2 – that’s the one with the auto-adding of calendars, right? I hope he decides to come back and do more work on it.

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