Heirarchy the right way

Great idea about the direction of the heirachy of the web in URLs. This would so totally work with the REST-ish nature of flickr, del.icio.us, etc… The idea is, why do sites go right to left (www.emmott.net) when the rest of the site then goes left to right (/2005/01/07/heirarchy-the-right-way)?

Russell Beattie Notebook – World Wide Directory

2 Replies to “Heirarchy the right way”

  1. True. Though you could have some differentiation, I suppose, as you still do currently:




    so you still have the server as the first field. Russell took the example even further by making it all slashes as you had – this also appears in things like Java classes: org.apache.commons.logging or whatever.

    I guess from the end user’s stand point, it shouldn’t matter whether you are dealing with a server or a directory or a subdomain, etc. It’s all just informational nodes on the web.

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